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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets MuskokaNet apart from the other providers?

MuskokaNet is a new and unique Wireless Internet provider in Muskoka. Our approach is unlike any other provider in the region. Most importantly, we are local, and with that comes a familiarity with the area and the challenges it can present. Being a MuskokaNet subscriber has its perks. You'll experience first hand our uncompromising level of quality service through our ability to respond to your requests in a timely manner, whether it's for an installation or simply a service call.

Muskoka is unparalleled in its beauty and its diversity. We are firm believers in our close knit community. We choose to align ourselves, not with the mainstream, but along the path less traveled. What better way to celebrate our lifestyle, who we are, and the businesses that thrive here than to have it reflected in something as identifiable as our "@MuskokaNet.ca" email address? Make no mistake, Muskoka has clout. Be instantly recognized for who and where you or your business hails from ..... nothing beats our address.

Our name says it all. We provide highspeed internet to Muskoka. It's that simple.

What if I've been told I can't get internet at my location?

MuskokaNet is the first wireless internet provider to roll out the newest advancement in networking technology for all subscribers, including the internet disenfranchised in Muskoka. Many will have to say that it's about time, and we couldn't agree with you more.

Call it cutting edge, if you will, our new interlaced network potentially builds upon itself with each new subscriber where applicable, allowing for redundancy where it never existed before. To put it simply, our competition often has one path it can take to providing you the valuable signal required for you to have internet service. MuskokaNet has the ability to be able to provide multiple paths to your location, those remote locations just became a little less remote, for the sake of internet provision.

Our robust wireless router manufacturer, MikroTik, provides equipment for HP, Ericsson, Saab and Siemens to name a few. Our networking device manufactured by Ubiquiti is an amazing product. The durability is excellent, and the performance is beyond any "consumer" product on the market. MuskokaNet believes great hardware can only enhance our service, and your experience.

What's included in a standard installation?

Universal J-mount bracket.

Wireless broadband transceiver and antenna.

Up to 75' of shielded CAT 5E cable using RJ 45 connectors.

1 single external wall penetration for ethernet cabling.

Stapling of all exterior cable runs.

Antenna sighting and secured installation.

Professional connection made to a single computer network card, or to a preexisting subscriber hub or similar switching appartatus.

Basic TCP/IP networking set-up and email application programming of 1 single computer.

Wireless router set-up in either a bridged-mode or rounting mode with NAT and DHCP options as required by subscriber.

Installation warranty for 90 days.

Custom installations are available at an additional cost.

What's not included in a standard installation?

Set-up and configuration for more than 1 single computer workstation or subscriber supplied server, firewall or router.

Troubleshooting or repairs to subscriber computer(s) or LAN.

Fishing or installation of cabling in walls, flooring or through attics or basements, etc.

Additional network cabling other than to connect the wireless equipment to a subscriber's single computer port, router, firewall, network switch or hub.

Any special equipment required to mount an antenna in a custom location due to height or visual preference.

LAN equipment to include hubs, switches or network cards, ethernet LAN equipment or additional wireless network devices for multiple subscriber computer workstations to integrate with our equipment.

Repairs to subscribers workstation(s) in order to use our service.

Additional equipment and labour required to overcome line-of-sight obstacles, unusual building construction, radio interference, etc.

Additional subscriber workstation set-up for TCP/IP, e-mail applications, printers or other devices, etc.

Where can I go if I require additional information?

We ask that you review and become familiar with our Terms and Conditions of Service and Fair Use Policy.

Should you desire additional information we encourage you to contact us at support@muskokanet.ca